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Engineering Colleges in Hyderabad,Top,10,20,list pdf,For women

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University Engineering Colleges

1.         OU College of Engineering (Estd. 1929) Hyderabad 7
Ph.No.040 27098254, 27682384

Civil Engineering                                                              60
Electronics and Communication Engineering                     60
Mechanical Engineering                                                   60
Computer Science Engineering                                        60
Electrical and Electronics Engineering                              60
Bio-Medical Engineering                                                  30

2.         O.U. College of Technology (Estd.1943) Osmania University, Hyderabad 500 007
Ph.No.040-27098901, 27682291

Chemical Engineering                                                    60
Food Processing                                                           20
Textile Technology                                                         20

Private Engineering Co-Education Colleges

3.   Mahaveer Inst. of Science & Technology,(Estd.2001)Vyasapuri, Bandlaguda, Keshavgiri (P), Hyderabad 500 005,Ph.No. 040 24455001, 02, 04, 03 (F)

Electronics and Communication Engineering               120
Computer Science Engineering                                   60
Electrical and Electronics Engineering                         60
Information Technology                                               60
Mechanical Engineering                                              60
Instrumentation and Control Engineering                      60

4.          Swamy Vivekananda Institute of Technology
Mahabuub College, Secunderabad 500 003
Ph.No. 040 27713827, 27802487, 27802469 (F)

Computer Science Engineering                               60
Electronics and Communication Engineering            60
Electrical and Electronics Engineering                     60
Mechanical Engineering                                          60

Private Engineering Women’s Colleges

5.          G. Narayanamma Inst. of Tech. & Science for

Electronics and Communication Engineering

Women (Estd. 1997)
Computer Science Engineering
8-1-297/2/I, Shaikpet, Hyderabad 500 008
Electrical and Electronics Engineering
Ph.No.040-235660803 23563648, 23564187 (F)
Information Technology
Electronics and Telemetric Engineering

Instrumentation Control Engineering

6.          Bhoj Reddy College of Engineering (W)
Chemical Engineering
Computer Science Engineering
17-1-209/B, Vinaynagar, Saidabad, Hyderabad
Electronics and Telemetric Engineering
Electronics and Communication Engineering
Ph.No.040-24537282, 24531725, 24537281 (F)
Information Technology Engineering
Instrumentation Engineering


Private Muslim Minority Co-Education Engineering Colleges

7.          M.J. college of Engg. College & Technology
Mount Pleasant, 8-2-249, Road, No.3, Banjara
Hills, Hyderabad 500 034
Ph.No.040-23352084, 23353428(F) E-mail:

Civil Engineering                                                                           60
Electronics and Communication Engineering                                  120
Mechanical Engineering                                                                 120
Computer Science Engineering                                                     90
Instrumentation Engineering                                                           60
Electrical and Electronics Engineering                                           60
Production Engineering                                                                 60
Information Technology                                                                 90

8.          Deccan College of Engineering & Technology
Dar-Us-Salam, Aghapura, Hyderabad 500 001

Civil Engineering                                                             60
Electronics and Communication Engineering                    90
Mechanical Engineering                                                   60
Computer Science Engineering                                       90
Instrumentation Engineering                                             40
Electrical and Electronics Engineering                            60
Production Engineering                                                  40
Information Technology                                                  60

9.          Green Fort Engineering College (Estd.2002) Near Chandrayangutta X Road, Bandlaguda, Keshavgiri (P), Charminar, Hyderabad 500 005
Ph.No. 040 24443885, 24443903, 24443875

Electronics and Communication Engineering            60
Computer Science Engineering                                60
Information Technology                                              60
Electrical and Electronics Engineering                      60
Mechanical Engineering                                            60

10.        Moghal College of Engineering and Technology
8-5-2/181, Moghal Campus, Near
Chandrayangutta X Road, Bandlaguda, Hyderabad 500 004
Ph.No. 040 55706121, 30977757

Electronics and Communication Engineering                60
Computer Science Engineering                                    60
Electrical and Electronics Engineering                          60
Bio-Medical Engineering                                              60

Private Muslim Minority Women’s Engineering Colleges

11.        Shadan Womens College of Engineering & Technology (Estd.2002)
6-2-978, Khairatabad, Hyderabad 500 004
Ph.No. 040- 55669914, 55662315

Electronics and Communication Engineering            45
Computer Science Engineering                                45
Information Technology                                             30
Electrical and Electronics Engineering                       45

Private Linguistic Minority Engineering Colleges

12.        Sant Samarth Engineering College (Estd.2001) Keshavgiri, Bandlaguda, Hyderabad 500 005

Electronics and Communication Engineering          120
Computer Science Engineering                               60
Information Technology                                           60
Electrical and Electronics Engineering                    60
Medical Engineering                                             60
Biomedical Engineering                                        60


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Stanley college of engineering and technology is also one of the Top Engineering colleges in Hyderabad for Womens. It has ranked No.1 College in Telangana by The Times of India

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Insightful information shared here. One can also get the admission in architecture in maharashtra only at SMMCA Nagpur. Thanks for sharing.

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